Is SEO Necessary for Online Success


When your business is unable to reach a broader audience online through the traditional social media channels it might be time to consider small business SEO. Search Engine Optimization can be categorized as a multitude of optimizing services designed to increase your exposure to users by increasing the contextual association via keywords to a specific website. Often this is used to help increase potential ambiguous keywords being used by searchers to return a specific website in the first page results. With the top three results being considered the holy grail of search result returns, there is a competitive keyword portfolio market. Continue reading

A Shift in Cereal Production


Cereal production for my factory has increased ever since we added two more powder filling machines. The machines feed ingredients into the mixers, which toss them together until they form a dough. This dough is then removed from the mixer and put onto a conveyor belt where it runs through a press which flattens it. Once flattened, cereal pieces are stamped out of the dough, and then the dough is baked until it is cooked thoroughly. The baked cereal pieces travel down the belt to cool of some before they are put into individual packages, which are then sealed and boxed.

To celebrate the increase in production, I’ve decided to have a contest. Continue reading

Putting Together the Marketing Plan


I have just gotten started working on our new marketing plan. The big problem is obviously that we do not have a huge sum of money in the budget. In the past we have been limited to things that are mostly physical in nature, for example cheap postcard printing jobs that we send out to potential customers. There is obviously a limit to how much good that is going to do you though. You just can not reach that many people unless you are willing to print up hundreds of thousands of postcards. Most of all that sort of thing is going to work well with local customers also. Continue reading

There’s No Need to Host This Server by Yourself


I have always known that I could do so much more if I had the ability to host my own server. But having one in your home is not something that is cheap. Not only that, if you are new to doing it, there can be a learning curve. A buddy said that it is possible to get a Linux VPS for a very inexpensive cost if you do it through a company that handles it. That was the first time I had ever heard that was possible.

When I priced out all the things I would need to set one up here at home, I was disappointed. The drive space, the machine itself, the memory, and extra monitor, etc., were out of my budget. I wanted the ability to run my own for email and so much more. And most importantly, I wanted it to be Linux so that I could learn it. Continue reading

My Luxury Apartment is Perfect for Me


When my boss asked me if I was ready to run my own team, I was definitely up for the challenge. The only negative to it, at first, was that I needed to move halfway across the country. I was not about to let this deter me though, because I had worked hard to get to this point. I looked at several different apartment complexes so I could choose one before I even hit town. I looked at many, but I knew as soon as I saw the Hartford 21 apartments that they were the ones I wanted to live at.

Granted, most of the apartments in the area were nice, but the Hartford 21 apartments had their own style above the others. I really liked the view more than anything. The apartments not only offer a glorious view from the living room, but most do from the bedroom too. Add to that the nine foot ceilings, and it is just luxurious beyond belief for apartment living. The kitchens are pretty sweet too. Continue reading

Best Blogs for Investing Tips


I am just starting to get into investing but I want to take it pretty seriously from the start. Otherwise, I think that I could really risk making some bad decisions and that is not something that I want to happen. I am not investing to lose money, that is for sure, but rather to try to protect my money and to grow it. I am reading the the shark report blog right now to try to learn some advanced tips to help me be a better investor, and I think that it is a good idea to know as much as you can about finances and the stock market, before you even try to do stuff like this.

I am kind of worried that things might not work out for me, because the stock market does have a tendency to be fairly fickle from time to time. But it seems to be time of growth in most sectors and so it seems like as good of a time as any to try to get involved in buying and selling stocks. I am not sure how much money I can make by doing this, but I am going to give it my best shot.

I have been researching all of this stuff for a few weeks now, and I am still trying to get some more information on some of the details. But I think I have most of it figured out and a pretty good strategy in mind for how I am going to invest my money. I do not want to get a financial advisor, because they would charge me for all of the help that they give me and I am not sure if that would really be worth in the long run. Especially, if I can figure this out on my own.

I Needed to Control My Cravings


I have tried to lose weight for years, but I was not successful until I tried Shakeology. I nearly did not try it because I had failed at so many other attempts, but something about this one had me intrigued. It was the Shakeology shake review that I read online that made me realize that I might have found the method that would finally work for me. I liked the idea that it does more than just help people lose weight. What really drew me to it was the claim that it helps decrease a person’s desire to eat unhealthy foods.

That was my main problem. I had no problem with walking five miles a day or riding 10 miles on my exercise bike. Continue reading

The Benefits of Scanning Photos


When my mom told me she would like to scan some pictures, I was really surprised for a number of reasons. The main reason is that my mom is the least technological person I know. She does love her pictures though, and she is finally using a digital camera rather than the older ones that require print film. I still didn’t think that she would want to scan all of her old pictures, but she had done a search for scan photos and found software that would make it not only easy but fast too.

She knew that print pictures just did not hold up to the test of time as well as digital prints. The proof is in her photo albums. The pictures from long ago were already fading, and some of them were even getting warped. Continue reading

Which is Cheaper Cable or Satellite


I have been thinking about whether or not I can really save money by switching to satellite. Right now I get my tv service and broadband internet from Time Warner, which does not really please me all that much. I got this sort of deal, In fact I am very irritated with them over recent technical problems. This does not effect the TV’s which are not hooked up to the digital cable boxes, but those TV’s mostly only get SD channels. Continue reading

Mom Wanted the Satellite Dish on a Pole in the Ground


My mom told me she would never get satellite TV because of the dish. I looked up and down the street on her block. It looked to me like most of her neighbors already had it. She just did not want the dish on her house for some reason. Well, I did not have a problem with it at my house. I contacted Direct TV in Aledo months ago. That is what got mom talking about it. She looked at my satellite bill I had setting out on the table. It is less than what she pays for cable. She likes it better than cable. However, she had all kinds of worries about a dish being on her roof.

She said it might cause a leak or attract lightning. Never mind that old TV antenna that is still up there on their roof! I called Direct TV in Aledo again and asked them if they could put the dish on a pole in the ground. Mom paid a few extra bucks for that type of install, but it worked for her. Continue reading

Best Deals for Peoria Apartments


After talking about it for months, it seems like, my girlfriend and I have decided that our relationship is mature enough in order to move on to the next step, which is to move in together. I am very excited about this, because I think that it is a huge step forward in our relationship, and it should bring us closer together than ever. I am looking into peoria apartments at the moment, because it is necessary, for us to find a place to live, if we are in fact, going to live together in the future.

The lease for my current apartment is going to end in two months, so it kind of makes sense for me to get on this matter as soon as I can. I know that in a lot of times, the best apartments, with the best rates, get filled months in advance. That makes me nervous, and makes me feel like we should have been looking for an apartment at a much earlier point in time, than we have. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Shouldn’t Be a Sale Preparation Day

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’ve been waiting with baited breath for laptop deals for Cyber Monday 2015 to finally begin advertising. It’s definitely what I’ve been waiting on! Every year I try to make the most out of the absurd number of sales in our brick and mortar stores but it’s Cyber Monday which has made itself the number one day to do shopping for anything! Cyber Monday has a lot more to offer for American shoppers than merely incredibly cheap prices. Cyber Monday allows for an American shopping to relax from the comfort of their own home and browse the web for great deals. Continue reading